Sadanand Technologies is a software development company and blood bank software supplier in INDIA.


Blood Bank Manager - best software to manages blood bank.

In Our blood bank software, Your work will be a simple and fast beacuse it created with user friendly module and function.

Blood Bank Manager manages complete process of blood bank. From patient and donor entry to delivery of tested blood / components after cross match it works step by step very smoothly. Easy Blood Bank Manager ensures that the correct donor, product and patient is delivered at all times. Easy Blood Bank Manager helps you in avoiding common mistakes in information recordings, information exchange and processing. Fully integrated systems and database helps you decrease records overlapping, double entry, and miscalculations in a controlled environment. Thus, records output are standardized to make it easy to understand with a click of a button.

Features and Modules

Software Features and Modules

Blood Requisition Entry, Donor Entry with Biometrics (Finger print and Photo), Component Separation, Cross Match, Exchange Transfusion, Serology, Camp Entry, SMS Generation, Donor Register, Issue Register, Master Register, Cross Match Register, Component Register, Stock Register, Discard Register, Deferral Register, Form 3C. Print-Demand Slip, Cross Match Certificate, Label for component bags etc.

Why To Choose Our Blood Bank Software?

Sadanand Technologies has created a best blood management software in INDIA, Our software generates reports, billing, inventory, accounts and master registers, donor register, Donor Medical Examination, Quarantine of units, Storage Center, Donor Sample discard for blood bank organization or hospitals. And if you will arrange a donation camp then you can also get details of accepted donors, details of rejected donors. It has a list of features that make your work fast and easy.
We understand your requirements to maintain blood bank details and try to keep the codes simple as it proves to be time-saving.


Minimum Hardware configuration required

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(i) Processor- Dual Core or higher.
(ii) Hard Disk Space - 40 GB of hard disk space.
(iii) RAM - 2 GB or more.
(iv) Operating System - Windows 7 or higher OS.
(v) Screen Resolution - 1280 x 768 or higher.
(vi) Internet – Broadband or higher.

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